Student Council

The Student Council advocates for students in all areas of study and assists students with interpreting AIE Institute’s rules, policies and procedures. It provides students with a mechanism to develop relationships with fellow students, share ideas and encourage engagement between the student body and the governance and management of AIE Institute. As a student, you can run for election on the Student Council or vote for your peers to represent the student community on the Council.

Student Council email:

The Student Council reports to the Academic Board and is responsible for:

  • Providing a forum for students to share their views and ideas regarding the student experience
  • Promoting an environment for students to build relationships with their peers
  • Representing the student community’s views, through the Student Council’s President as a member of the Academic Board.
  • Providing recommendations to the Academic Board on potential improvements to the student experience, including the effectiveness of policies and procedures
  • Reporting annually to the Board of Directors on student matters.