Your Rights and Responsibilities as an International Student

As an international student studying in Australia, you are protected under the ESOS framework. If you have any questions regarding your rights and responsibilities, please email the International Student Contact Officer at

Your rights

AIE Institute must provide you with or refer you to correct information regarding:

Your course

This includes information on:

  • Entry requirements, content, fees and length of course
  • English language requirements
  • Qualification obtained at graduation

See the Bachelor of Game Development course and the entry requirements page for more information.


  • Where your campus is located
  • What learning facilities are available

See the facilities and resources on the Canberra campus and Sydney campus pages for more information.

Living and Studying in Australia

This includes information on:

  • Living and medical costs
  • Accommodation, transport and banking

See the Studying in Australia page for more information.

Detailed information on Living and Studying in Australia is provided at Orientation

Come to an event

Upcoming Events

Open Day

Student Support

This includes:

  • Orientation information
  • Emergency and health services
  • Learning and academic support
  • Personal support
  • Working in Australia

See the Student Support Services page for more information.

Detailed information on Student Support Services is provided at Orientation

Complaints and Appeals

Information on AIE Institute’s Complaints and Appeals Process can be accessed on the Complaints and Appeals page.

Deferral, Suspension or Cancellation of Enrolment

Under specific circumstances, a student may be able to defer, suspend or cancel their enrolment. See the Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation page for more information.

You may also contact the International Student Contact Officer at for more information

How to contact the International Student Contact Officer

International Student Contact Officer contact details:

Canberra Campus: Lea Michael
Sydney Campus: Alexandra Mannell

Your Responsibilities

As an international student, you must understand and maintain your student visa conditions as set by the immigration department, known as the Department of Home Affairs. Visas are arranged through the Department of Home Affairs.

Maintain Enrolment and Course Progress

Students are required to maintain their enrolment and progress in their course in the timeframe specified on the Confirmation of Enrolment.

  • You must be enrolled into a full time study load at 40 credit points each semester.
  • You can only defer or suspend your enrolment under compassionate or compelling circumstances (insert deferral link).
  • You must achieve satisfactory course progress as outlined in Assessment, Moderation and Progress Policy and Procedure (insert link)

AIE Institute may cancel your enrolment for unsatisfactory course progress and notify the Department of Home Affairs.

Attend Classes

Students are required to attend all timetabled classes on time. Attendance must be maintained at a minimum of 80% during the course.

Pay Fees on Time

Students must be able to pay their fees on time as agreed in the Student Agreement. Fees are stated in the Letter of Offer and the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) at the commencement of your course. Fee reminders are also sent before the start of each semester. International students are required to pay their course fees in full by the due date.

If you do not pay your fees on time, AIE Institute may cancel your enrolment and notify the Department of Home Affairs.

Notify AIE Institute of Changes to Contact Details

Contact details include residential address, mobile telephone number, email address and emergency contact

Advise Student Administration with 7 days of any change to contact details when:

  • Arriving in Australia
  • Living in Australia.

Overseas Health Cover (OSHC)

All international students are required to obtain and maintain valid health cover for themselves and any dependents for the duration of their course. The OSHC covers you for any emergency medical attention through the public health system. Extra insurance can be obtained for extra services.

Information on OSHC can be found on the immigration Department of Home Affairs website.

AIE Institute is able to offer OSHC through AHM (Australia Health Management Group Limited). For further information about AHM OSHC services through AIE Institute, please contact student administration:

For further information on AHM directly, please see AHM’s website:


As an international student, you are able to work in Australia as allowed by the Department of Home Affairs.

Abide by AIE Institute Policies and Procedures

All students enrolled at AIE Institute must abide by the AIE Institute policies and procedures.

Link to the Policies and Procedures Page