Mission and History

Background and history

AIE Institute Limited (AIE Institute) was established by the Academy of Interactive Entertainment Ltd (AIE) in 2018 as a wholly owned subsidiary. Founded in 1996, AIE was the first non-profit vocational school in the world to offer specialist courses in digital games and animation. AIE was named Small Training Provider of the Year by the Australian Government at the Australian Training Awards in 2016. In 2019, AIE was a finalist in the Industry Collaboration Category of the South Australian Training Awards, and AIE’s founder was awarded the ACT Training Award’s John Scott Memorial Award for his significant contribution to training and development of the ACT’s interactive entertainment sector.

In 2018, AIE appointed a board with independent members to establish AIE Institute as a non-profit organisation, focused on the growth of the higher education creative digital sector. AIE Institute will leverage the pioneering work of AIE in the development of specialist game qualifications, and continue to innovate through industry partnerships, job creation initiatives, scholarly activities and dynamic teaching. AIE Institute offers bachelor courses that have a strong technical, practical and career focus, delivered by highly qualified and industry experienced academic staff in a fun and creatively demanding studio environment.

AIE Institute is offering a Bachelor of Game Development with three majors from 2024. The degrees are the first in Australia to integrate three core game development sub-disciplines of game art, game design, and game programming within a multi-disciplinary environment.

Vision Statement

To be the world’s best educator in computer game development, film and visual effects.

Mission Statement

To produce work-ready and job-creating graduates who will pioneer a future of innovation and enterprise.